“We are on a mission to save & rebuild the Norman R. Wright, a Moreton Bay Classic Timber Cruiser.”
— Schalk & Mat 




The boat was built in 1948 by Norman Wright & Sons and carried the name of Norman Wright, who was one of the true doyens of the Australian Wooden boat building industry. He is arguably the greatest mentor of classic wooden boat builders in our history.


Norman R Wright was born in 1885 in rather unremarkable circumstances in the isolated suburb of Bulimba, adjacent to the shores of the Brisbane River in Queensland Australia.  

The Bulimba Electorate was created in 1872 and in 1879 the Bulimba Divisional Board was created as the local government authority for the area from Tingalpa Creek to Stone's Corner. Most of the housing subdivisions in this area took place during the land boom of the 1880s. Bulimba, Bulimba Bridge, Circular Quay, Bulimba Ferry, and the Love and Jamieson Paddock Estates were all developed in central Bulimba during this period. The building boom resulted in a great increase in the number of developments and residents in Bulimba. 





Captain Wally Muller, labeled "the modern day Captain Cook", owned the Norman R.Wright [then Careelah] in the late 60's. He was a professional fisherman who worked the Swain Reef's in the days when it was unchartered, vast & treacherous.

Wally Muller & the 1967 Belgian Expedition


In 1967 Wally Muller was contracted by the Belgian Navy to guide the De Moor through the The Swain Reefs on a scientific filming expedition, and remain with them as a support ship for the entire duration. Among the crew of 75 and guests were Australian Greats Ron & Valerie Taylor, who were filming in 35mm motion picture film for seven months.

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Ron & Valerie Taylor opened our eyes to the wonders of marine life, and specifically sharks. Ron and Valerie were born in 1934 and 1935 respectively, and met as members of the St George Spearfishing Club in Sydney.

Ron and Valerie Taylor  became champion spear-fishers, but switched from killing sharks to filming them after becoming fascinated with marine life.


They were credited with being pioneers in several areas — the first people to film great white sharks without the protection of a cage and they invented the chain-mail suit, which Valerie tested, because it was too small for Ron. Too this day Valerie still dives and remains an active conservationist.


There are surely many more incredible stories and adventures like these that are connected to this boat, and we are certain that we've merely scratched the surface.

Where is the

Norman R. Wright now?

The Norman R. Wright is currently in grave danger of being demolished. Taking on a project like this makes no economic sense, but we still can't stop trying, as the loss will be devastating.

Whilst we're trying to find a home and more importantly, a purpose for the Norman R. Wright we are leaning on an amazing community of enthusiastic and passionate lovers of timber boats to help us reach the first milestone of avoiding demolition.

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